Youth Service Immersion Trips


St. Louise Parish Youth Ministry offers a wide variety of Service Immersion Treks for youth ranging from 6th-12th grade!  Each of our three service-learning experiences in Lynden, Tacoma and Tijuana intentionally immerse youth into the culture and rich tradition of the communities, and encourages students to learn more about the needs of our brothers and sisters all around the world while working alongside them in their struggles to meet basic needs. 

If you would like to be a part of any of these amazing service-immersion experiences, please look for more information below. Kindly email our Youth Minister Annarose at if you have any questions and/or if you would like to learn more! Service Immersion Trek Applications are due Sunday, January 22. 2017. Applications can be found here

Lynden: June 25-30, 2017
Our Lynden Service Immersion experience expands upon youth's understanding of Christ's presence in all people by serving migrant families currently living in Whatcom County. Youth in grade 6 or higher are invited to join us in learning the reason Catholic Christians are called to serve: "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, so you do unto me" (Mt. 25:40). We will be impacting our local community by addressing the needs of the migrant worker community and not only providing food and clothing, but also interacting with and getting to know our brothers and sisters who live this reality daily. To prepare for this experience, youth will organize a large Food Drive at St. Louise, both collecting and organizing the donations before delivering them to the food bank they will be serving for the week.

More information regarding the Lynden Trek, including our pre-trip programming schedule can be found here

Tacoma: July 16-21, 2017
Our Tacoma Service Immersion Trek invites youth to journey with us to Tacoma, Washington, where we will spend our week serving and learning from our brothers and sisters on the margins . We will have the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of activities assisting the many local nonprofit organizations in the area. Students currently in 8th through 12th grade are invited to join us for this fantastic chance to serve both God and others!

More information regarding the Tacoma Trek, including our pre-trip programming schedule can be found here

Tijuana: August 6-12, 2017
On the Tijuana Service Immersion Trek, youth serve with Esperanza International to assist with home construction in impoverished neighborhoods of Tijuana, Mexico. This mission trip gives us a very special opportunity to deepen our understanding of how to live our faith beyond borders. Students entering 10th through 12th grade who have previous experience with service trip experiences are invited to join us for this exciting opportunity to live out our Catholic faith!

More information regarding the Tijuana Trek, including our pre-trip programming schedule can be found here

St. Louise Service Immersion FAQ's

How much does each Trek cost?
The total cost per person for each trip is as follows:
   Lynden: $250
   Tacoma: $250
   Tijuana: $800

Sufficient fundraisers are organized to help each trekker reach their financial goal, and all students and parents must participate to earn the funds.  Individual accounts will be set up for each trekker. The fundraising money we earn will be divided up according to what percentage each teen participated in each fundraiser.

How can I register for a Trek?
A completed Trekker Covenant and a personal offering of $50, $75, or $150 respectively is due by Sunday, January 22nd to register.  Kindly make checks out to “St. Louise Parish.” We strongly encourage that the money come from the trekker’s earnings or savings. If you do not have this amount saved, we hope your parents will set up an arrangement with you to earn the money. This powerful statement is what it means to be a good steward of our time, talent, and treasure. 

What is expected of Trekkers before the trip?
We ask that all trekkers attend all scheduled gatherings and arrive on time (please see pre-trip preparation schedules for each Trek in their descriptions!). If something urgent comes up and you cannot attend a trek gathering or you’ll be late, you need to contact Annarose as soon as possible. Remember, your presence and timeliness is a huge reflection of your commitment! Trekkers are also asked to interact with everyone on the team with kindness and respect, and to ask questions if you are unclear about something.  It is your responsibility to stay current and inā€tune with all trek activities!

How many Hire-A-Trekker projects will Trekkers be expected to work?
The majority of our fundraising comes from Trekker projects!  In order to ensure we are adequately serving our community as well as earning enough to pay for our treks, We ask that each Tacoma and Tijuana trekker works at least 6 HaT projects each, while each Lynden Trekker is expected to participate in at least 4.  Parents are asked to contribute 6 hours of service to Trek preparation, and we highly encourage that these six hours be divided between supervising two 3-hour Trekker projects.

Ways to support us:

Be a Core Team Member! A Core Team Member is someone who chooses to respond to their baptismal call by serving our young people. Core Teams for St. Louise Service Immersion trips are made up of parents and other adults who are at least sophomores in college. A strong and effective Core Team relies heavily on the time and talents of people who truly care about youth and who enjoy walking with them along their personal faith journeys as well as encouraging their spiritual growth and development through service for and with others.

Hire Us!  Another way individuals can support our youth "Trekkers" is by hiring members of our service immersion trip teams to assist with home projects or yard work.  Let our hardworking and responsible youth and adults help you out with all the odd jobs you've been putting off through the winter or just haven't had the time to start!  All work requests are evaluated ahead of time and payment is by donation only.  Hire-A-Trekker projects will begin again this Spring--please watch for our advertisements in the bulletin and online!  Kindly contact Annarose with any further questions.



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