Hispanic Community

Contact: Leticia Benavides-Pickett
“The Hispanic Ministry” refers to a wide range of ministries, services and activities conducted in Hispanic for our large Spanish-speaking members of our St. Louise community. Young and old are invited to serve in liturgical, social and service activities. 

Involvement in Hispanic Ministries often begins with a desire to come and sing praise to God in the Spanish Masses. You don’t need any special training--you don’t even need to know Spanish (but, it is very helpful!). The only thing you must know how to do and enjoy is the desire to serve God. There are service opportunities as well such as feeding the homeless, serving and helping the handicapped and more. The Hispanic Ministry is encouraging and welcoming. Thanks to their gifts and service, Spanish-speakers call St. Louise “home”.

How to Serve: 

To get involved, contact us, go to our website and/or approach any Hispanic Ministry leader at the  Sunday Spanish Mass. Anyone is welcome to join!
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