Finance Council

Contact: Don Gher, Chair
Jonathan Taasan, Parish Administrator
425-747-4450 x5473
The Parish Finance Council, required by the canon law of the Catholic Church, gives guidance to the Pastor in matters concerning the fiscal operation of the parish such as budgets, buildings and grounds, capital and financial campaigns, the purchase and disposal of equipment and property, as well as any matter concerned with the stewardship of Parish resources. The council gives an annual report to the Parishioners on the financial state of affairs of the Parish.
Finance Council members receive reports of the current status of the Parish resources, and are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the fiscal stability of the Parish and wise use of Parish resources to help promulgate policy to promote fiscal responsibility within the Parish. Finance Council members are appointed by the Pastor because of an expertise in areas such as banking, accounting, real estate or investments. They are not limited to a specific term of service, but serve at the pleasure of the Pastor. The Finance Council includes the Parish Administrator and a liaison from the Pastoral Council.

How to Serve

Indications of interest to join the Finance Council should be made to the Parish Administrator.


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