Building Committee

Contact: John Staiger, Chair
Jonathan Taasan, Parish Administrator
425-747-4450 x5473
The St. Louise Building Committee is a group of volunteers from many different walks of life with many varied skills. Originally conceived as the “Futures Project” by then-pastor Rev. Philip Wallace in 1999, the seven members of the original committee took on the task of envisioning what our campus could look like in the future and how to ensure that whatever plans were made, the results would last for decades.

The first project of the building committee was the development of a multi-phased master plan to improve our campus to support a growing population, enhance safety, and leave a legacy for future generations. The Archdiocesan Building Committee approved the master plan and we were off and running. One need only witness the truly remarkable spirit of this community as committees, sub committees and sub-sub-committees were formed, all staffed by dedicated and energized parish volunteers.

Our first tangible result was what most will consider being a very successful remodeling of our worship space (no more orange!) and the incorporation of some much needed personal facilities. Our next step towards completion of the master plan is the 50,000 ft2Parish School and Faith Formation Center that was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

While some changes to the original master plan have occurred - mostly in the sequencing of the phases - the plan is still very much alive and viable. Although construction is in a hiatus while we pay down our parish building debt, we are excited to note that the parish will pay off our loan YEARS ahead of schedule. As that final payment draws near, the building committee will dust off the plans, look for improvements to our original concepts and start the exciting process of continuing improvements to our facilities.

How to Serve

Volunteers are critical to the committee’s success and one does not have to be an engineer or a member of the building trades to be a valuable addition to the team. After all, we are simply a group of folks with ideas for the future, guided by the Holy Spirit in service to our community.

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