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We are so blessed to be members of such an active, faith-filled and vibrant Catholic Community. One of the true treasures of St. Louise Parish is the enthusiastic involvement of so many of our parishioners. Nothing makes us happier, than when there is an opportunity for service in the parish and just the right person steps forward who has the perfect gifts to serve in that ministry. That is truly a win/win situation.

With over 50 organizations, finding the right fit may be challenging.  You will find descriptions of many of the opportunities for service at St. Louise Parish on our website.  As you peruse them, you will certainly  hear a small voice inside saying, “I have gifts for that” or “I could do that” or “I would find great joy serving in this capacity”. Matching gifts and opportunities is much of what parish ministry is all about. You have many gifts – here are many opportunities!

Thank you for your participation and service here at St. Louise Parish. May the good Lord continue to bless us, and through us, may we be a blessing for one another.


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