Liturgy Commission

Lynette Basta
425-747-4450 x5467
The Liturgy Commission is dedicated to assuring prayerful liturgical celebrations in our Parish. Each celebration reflects a commitment to gospel values, respect for our varied cultural traditions and enables full, conscious and active participation by the Assembly.
We advise the Pastor on emerging issues associated with improving worship at St.Louise.  The Commission provides a forum for sharing among the ministries that assist the Celebrant in engaging the Assembly in prayerful celebration of the Mass.
Our goals include:
  • Provide support in the celebration of the Eucharist, Sacraments and all public prayer of the Church in ways that are increasingly more prayerful and reflective of the Word of God; that call participants to further conversion; and that more fully engage the Assembly in active participation.
  • Support and encourage inclusion of prayer and faith sharing at meetings of organizations at St. Louise.
  • Contribute toward the formation of all liturgical ministers so they more fully understand how and why the church calls them to perform their responsibilities as directed by the norms of liturgical practice as interpreted by the local diocese and Parish leadership.
The Liturgy Commission is made up of representatives of the ministers that serve at the Mass and special celebrations including Eucharistic Ministers, Sacristans, Ushers, Art and Environment, and the Music Ministry, as well as Parish Council. Because our celebrations enriched by the cultures and gifts of our ethnic communities, they also participate on the Commission. Lynette Basta serves as the Parish staff liaison.

How to Serve

  • The Parish Associate chooses the Ministry members with the help of the Liturgy Commission Chair. Members are drawn from the ministries that serve at the Masses and special celebrations, Parish Council and the ethnic communities. They serve for 3-years. The Chair is appointed by the Pastoral Associate who appoints/recommends the Chair for a three-year term. The Commission meets monthly.


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